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Dry Nuts


KOUIS VASILEIOS & Co. LP company, a leading supplier of many other stores, has a very wide range of products intended for the wholesale market.

Products packaged by us in desired quantities and distributed. Illustration, some of these products are as follows:

The methodology followed by the KOUIS VASILEIOS & Co. LP in baking, cutting and caramelized nuts and also in cutting of the biscuit is unsurpassed and guaranteed! Nuts, once received, initially subject to control by a special machine by skilled operators. Examined thoroughly in order to exclude the presence of foreign bodies. Thereafter follows the processing of products .

The company KOUIS VASILEIOS & Co. LP in private, modern production line, has a caramelized line, while an additional production line is processing wafer. Our products, finally, both roasted and caramelized are raw materials for food industries.